How It All Began:

In 2004 a series of hurricanes pummeled the central Florida area. One in particular, Hurricane Charlie, blew the roof off of my house, causing me and my family to move out for 9 months while the repairs were made. We found a temporary home on the 3rd floor of an apartment building without an elevator. This was not a big deal until it came time to bring the groceries home! 

Once a week I found myself taking 3 to 4 trips up three flights of stairs, carrying as many grocery bags as my arms could handle. After one of my recent shopping excursions, having ascended the stairs multiple times carrying armloads of groceries, I was ready to fling myself from the third-story balcony! I found myself envisioning possible ways to carry more groceries in one trip. That’s when I came up with the idea of the “Grocery Belt.” I figured that a belt with a design that incorporated a back-support system would enable me to carry more groceries using my core strength, not just my limited arm strength. At the time, the Grocery Belt was just an idea; I had no real intention of making it a reality. Designing a prototype and obtaining a patent seemed much too overwhelmingand financially risky.

12 years later, when the Lottery Power Ball had reached an all-time high, I (like many others) was dreaming of the possibility of winning. Oh, the amazing things I could do with that much money! Then I heard the voice of reason, reminding me that the chances of me winning the Lotto was 100,000,000-to-1. At that exact moment I realized that my idea had a much greater chance of making money than I had of winning the lottery. According to Inventionstatistics.com, only 1 out of 5000 inventions has a successful product launch. Those don’t seem like the greatest odds, but compared to winning the Powerball they are fantastic. That’s when I decided to sell my Harley Davidson motorcycle and put the money into the Grocery Belt. This was the birth of my company, which I named Jordink, Inc

Whether you live on the upper floor of an apartment, or in a one-story house, the Grocery Belt will help you take less trips, and carry more groceries.  

Tell your friends “I got this!” and then tell them that they can find one for themselves at GroceryBelt.com.


Rhonda Morgan