I used mine for the first time tonight.I love it!!! Both customers that I delivered to were very impressed with it. One order had 2 cases of water, three 12 packs of soda, 2 bags of ice and 10 Publix bags of mostly non-perishables. I loaded my cart with the water, soda and ice. I put my grocery belt on and loaded it up with the bags. It was great! I took her ENTIRE order into her house in ONE trip!!! I'm pretty sure it helped get me a $20 tip! This is truly an awesome thing! I did have a minor issue...I almost didn't fit through her doorwaywith all those bags around my waist. LOL

Hatty- Shopper for Shipt

I love my grocery belt.  We just moved into a third floor apartment 2 days ago and I used the belt yesterday.  I attached 6 really heavy grocery bags to the belt and up the steps I went!  It was a breeze!!!  I have a bad right ankle and my left knee creaks when I climb the stairs, but there was no pain from the weight.  Oh my goodness, what a wonderful purchase!  I have told a few folks that are in the complex about my experience.  I do plan on telling everyone else that I know.  My husband thought it was silly, but this grocery belt saved my neck, shoulders, knees and back from ruin!!!

Best regards, Renee -Broomfield, CO